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Sharpened Pencil

Why am I feeling this… my mind is so mystified …Why things that seemed so right at one point of time? Baffles me now. ~ How many times have I actually tried to be that sharpened pencil? The one that is the perfect blend of simplicity and excellence. But still he says I need to better myself because he wants the best! I have tried hard enough, I still do to do the things the way he wants, the way he want me to conduct myself, the way he wants me to converse, but that’s not me. Seriously that’s not me. The little tiny things that I thought were part of me… the true essence of my personality he thinks should have melted with years! I should have been someone different by now …Is he right?
The voice within me answers back Yes may be …He has always been the one who knows it all …He just seems to do things so perfectly! But I struggle to balance myself and the food in a restaurant! How I hate those high heels and would kick them off whenever I got an occasion. How much I loved walking bare foot on grasses! How much I loved dancing to the tunes of the rain …But that’s not what I am supposed to be doing…I am a girl of 23 I shouldn’t be doing that! I should be poised and complete role replica for the kids around me not to be a kid myself! So I feel I am loosing out some part of me!
But being with him has actually made the big difference…its made me a better person, I have learnt so much in order to give him my best I would just travel that extra mile for him which I would have lovingly procrastinated otherwise. He taught me to love myself, He created in me a sense of pride that I should have for myself, and He taught me that the world looks up to those who believe in themselves .He made me love my present, forget my past and be assured about my future.
So, what am I complaining about….????? The fact that he always wants the best…No he actually made me what I always dreamt of being but could never make myself do all that! He has been with me through the most difficult times and even promises to be with me forever …He is the one who gives me strength to face the world … He is harsh sometimes because he knows that if sharpened this Pencil would be near to best! Even the most brilliantly shinning diamond has to pass through the sharpest cuts isn’t that what gives it the beautiful luster! So, I am right very right! He is the Perfect one for me! And I am his not so perfect one! (You see I am still trying to better myself!)

Love is not about finding that guy who can love you for what you are. But someone who can make you what you always wanted to be…Its someone who knows your flaws asks you to clear it off but still loves you even when you have done a mistake for a 100th time. So as the story goes God just knows it all he blends two dissimilar people together and he just knows they would be the finest together!♥


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