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Walking Down the lonely roads

                    I wonder where I stand in crossroads of your life.
                                When we have had a strife.

Often look back to see whether you followed my trail or not.
See around whether you are waiting on that bench uncaught...
Hoping you would be out of the woods, just like in my thoughts

I always saw that love blooming in your heart.
But, still wondered where I stand when we are apart!
The breeze conveyed of your presence.
The falling leaves caressed and touched my essence.
The periwinkle filled my vent.
With your nostalgic scent.

But I often wondered do you miss me the way I do?
If your words are so true, 
Will you take me out of this blue?

Walking down the lonely roads!

Where do I stand ?
When you leave me unplanned
I say to me
I shall stand;With thee
Cause Its only with thee I am me .

--Picture Courtesy :Bhargav Mishra


still my soul dances within the reins of servitude..!



My mind fetters the word "Narrow"..

Narrow minded people ..
Narrow roads not taken ..
And the Narrowness in your eyes.


A word to be heard

I woke up babbling words...

Is it my time to be interred.

Scared that they might be misheard

I strangle them uncured;

I fear, unmisted by love...They may be slurred.

Throttled within me they aspire to be transferred.

I wait to let it be demurred.

Commingle with my thoughts and then be chauffeured.

The day they seek a life on paper reword.

They cede me to a theatre of absurd.

And give this 'psychedelic mind' a reward.

Wild Child

Wildness captures me only when the scintillating drops of poison fuses into me.

Otherwise I am tamed by destiny to prowl in the darkness of agony and allure in eminence.


Ballad à Boeckin

You never questioned me How much I love you …?

You loved me with all your heart!

You never asked when I scratched your face with blunt crayon in kindergarten or snapped you into pieces when the adolescence passed. Days and Days you would cling under my sweaty arms in empty library lanes. Never complaining. Never showing that petulance which I did.

I fell in trance with your quintessence in the gloomy December nights. And slept tightly hugged within your arms each night drooling in your misty scents . I seeked your touch in my solitude. I playfully fiddled with your ears (Dog-earrred you in haste ) ! Passed my saliva-stricken fingers through your face every now and then. You would always look at my eyes filled with innocence. You would calm me down in pain. You covered me within your reach in the drenching rains; you became my shield when my buddies caught me unexplained. I scribbled non-sense on you...Every time the boring lectures took place.

You taught me all life’s lessons. And I lived a thousand realities simultaneously within you .And you never…You never really turned your back on me the way the world did.

Its in you...My Friend I seek a companion …It’s in thee that I live the moments.

No one understands me the way my BOOKS …do an Ode to my books..!

Unspoken Words..

My eyes speak the unspoken words of the heart..

About the cherished desires that long to depart


Only the clouds understand the restlessness of the dried Earth!

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