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The Eyes that Lies

The eyes that I trusted to be true...

Drove me into the blue..!

Recline in the bed I lie

With no thoughts, but to die..!

While ,I whimper in the solitude

You shimmer in attitude

I exist

I Persist…in your world of deceit!

I weep in the misery of pain...

But you say you re not the one to blame.

My tears attain an untold count.

It’s my blunder that I mount.

I create a notion of redemption...

Because you are no longer worthy for persuasion.

.... hardly disguised…

Your eyes still tell the lies!

Thousand Words

The thousands words run within me searching for an egress
Strayed in a bend ; I brood with silence
Weeping out for persistence.

You look at me with vengeance ,
Your eyes filled with abhorrence.
I resist searching the patience,
To fight out the resistance!

I look frantically around for moments of continued existence

And shed tears with tolerance

Finding none…but a reason to sustain I migrate to end my endurance

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