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The Eyes that Lies

The eyes that I trusted to be true...

Drove me into the blue..!

Recline in the bed I lie

With no thoughts, but to die..!

While ,I whimper in the solitude

You shimmer in attitude

I exist

I Persist…in your world of deceit!

I weep in the misery of pain...

But you say you re not the one to blame.

My tears attain an untold count.

It’s my blunder that I mount.

I create a notion of redemption...

Because you are no longer worthy for persuasion.

.... hardly disguised…

Your eyes still tell the lies!


Leo said...

perhaps it is time now to stop trusting those eyes and care for your tears.. for some eyes change very quickly!


Defiant Princess said...

You never know how many ways can the eyes lie in!

LOved reading the poem.
Following the Blog now.

Defiant Princess

Aniket Jha said...

eyes would not lie it might show something else than what you would like to see

Toni Rose said...

hi there :) why are your posts so gloomy?

The Perfect ...One said...

@ Leo ...Yep ...some eyes !keep on lying

The Perfect ...One said...

@ Defiant Princess...Loved ur blog luv !!! Thanx for following ! :)

The Perfect ...One said...

@ aniket ..well d trauma is watever the eyes r trying to show ...that ..spells doom for me !

The Perfect ...One said...

@ Toni ....Well Im an empathetic indidvidual...wen i meet people ..I bring a part f dem wid me !...and its then that i revert ...wat i bring in2 my posts !

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