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The Uncertainty Called life…

I woke up to her agonizing cries…I knew she was departing to take up her last journey .The course to a far away mysterious world! But why was I so restive, so profoundly in tenderness didn’t I know the veracity. Yes I did, and I reaffirmed my belief...a million times that night. The night was a sinuous one …it was taking away someone whom I loved. Someone for whom I cared! But could I really do anything?, No I couldn’t . My mental struggle was creating a distress precinct within me; I didn’t like it…this entire route of knowing that I was losing out on her was heart breaking! The furor, the shouts of people around nothing seemed to bother me …Locked in my web of imaginings,..the images disturbed me,the sessions of lullabies ,her random stories as she got old I was praying the almighty to condense her pain and he was seconds, and she flew on her heavenly flight …I just had my tears to wish her goodbye!

May your soul rest in peace…Grandma ...
Love You

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