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When I cant hurt you in my dreams ....How do you it in reality !

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Dont desire to walk ..the same path as I did...!

Dont desire to live my Life ...Until you have a Strong Heart and Mind..Like mine..!

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She lay on the bed perplexed …”If Everything is so right then why does it feel so wrong?”The message said it all, didn’t it? She had been so keyed up with the beep of the phone …that had been her lifeline for six long years! Distance never kills any relationship …It always makes the heart fonder that’s what she held...But how could such a strong link ……be broken by a single text message. She looks around to see the pictures depicting memoirs of their lives together. ..The fun…the laughter and the love .The life that was so perfect, that she was ready to relive it a thousand times…But now there wasn’t any life to live…..Yes there was no life to live!

The juxtaposed thoughts confused her….and the reality came crashing down on her

But …There was no more any life to live at all!

Tears…were flowing down her cheeks…She looked around ….to witness that her cries had no audience to entertain than the vacuum. The pain, the complexities of her so called perfect world … was that entire she had now!

How does she move forward? Where does she go from here? …

With the last drop of tear she whispers into solitude ….

Its said you hurt those you love …You must really love me a lot!



I hate it …when I reach my goals …sooner !..Its then that I loose the aspirations to live !

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