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One Night's Affair

2:30 am, boozed I walk over to the bathroom; suddenly the night is ripped by a muffled shriek of a child. I regain my consciousness and come in terms with my thoughts. I hear it again, this time marked by pain. I look out of the lone bathroom window from the apartment. A man guffaws in the darkness and in the split of the nightly moment someone is stabbed. The dim street light and drizzling rain introduces me to the murder’s eyes. I look on, with numbness and vengeance as I see a child brutally stabbed and cut down to pieces.
I rush into the room in sweat; huffing and breathing noisily I cover myself in sheets. The drop-lets of water from the dysfunctional air-conditioner bugged me, it was as if that sound would give away what I saw, and I was the invisible party to the brutal killing of that child. I fall asleep.
Morning marks its arrival; 5:00 am I look on from the lone bathroom window again. A mid-age man in white track pants sashays down the street for his morning walk, snubbing now and then over the drop of muddy water that make their way to his white track pants from the puddles on way. The three black dogs seemingly unbothered of the transactions ogle at the passerby from under that Omfed booth. I see a father and son trying to balance a banana hand over a rusted cycle.

I breathe slowly and close my eyes no one knows, no one knows about what happened last night. But, when my eyes travel again I located a young couple, under the banyan tree pleading vehemently to the local deity.  They are cursing, the police, who stands unmoved and annoyed of their lost sleep.

I see an old man in blue lungi limping out of the dilapidated railway workshop; with one hand he holds one end of his lungi briefly displaying a flash of his wrinkled skin as he walks on. He has a stick in another hand, though he doesn’t use that for support but tries to man oeuvre the traffic that has just begun. He walked towards the couple, bowing down to touch his slippers now and then. The old man pacifies the girl I can sense it from above. Yes, he is pacifying the couple over their loss. It’s the human empathy that is so inevitable. People not party to your pain can always be there with you to share the pain.

In split of a second, the old man looks towards my bathroom window and our eyes meet from the far end corner. I am taken aback, it’s him, and he had the murder’s eyes. I lean on the dampy bathroom wall, for support, walk out make myself a coffee and liberate the imagery of the murder.

 No one knows, no one knows except the old man, the dead boy and me, it was as if we had built a silent triangulated relationship in a night’s affair.


4:00 am I open my laptop the icon on the other end predicted snow-fall for seconds my heart stopped. I closed my eyes and the thought brushed passed me I am back in India and it had been two and half years to it now. It’s just the nostalgic moments you have within you that don’t end the pandemonium. And, every now and then they ooze out in anticipation of a rebound.
Life is harsh, but if it would have been so easy would it be worth living in the first place?
Gospel predicts the irony again... no its not the imagery of the flakes its the rain...impending rain
My mind wanders away again.....Life had been so different from the way I had dream t it to be.

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