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The Untold Monsoon Saga

The strangeness in the sea ..the wistful eyes have been my constant ally for years now. I look disconnected from this whole world .."Why"...oscillates within me these days...
I know the storm is impeding ...years in accord with the sea I know when the sea is choleric ...when its vehemence is going to pierce through me..So I wait in premonition to fuse within its behemothic arms ...

The rain melts down my bare skin..I wait... I know its going to be all over in minutes -- now..and that injects a sense of blessedness.Years of existence in isolation and pain its all going to be over soul...gets the freedom it deserves..

Theres a hard thrust on my arms and I am pulled back towards the shore ..with anger mounting on me I look into a strangers eyes..
"Who are you ? ..leave me alone I screech ....

He pulls me into his arms ...calm down things will be fine !I continue my struggled to fled ...Why did he have to pull me back ...Seconds before my heavenly abode he had to scatter it forever...The roaring sea..breaks my thoughts ..the storm is getting stronger ...I can sense it !..
Suddenly with the strike of thunder the waves overtake us ...Its just seconds and we are in the sea !..Choked with water I clung to his arms ..He swims back again to the shore with me locked as a baby in his arms.Far away in corner I could see people waving their hands as a ridiculous clock out of corner.The air mirrored a sand storm ..and the suddeness of rain made it difficult to see.

Its a hurricane he wispers in to my ears . I am least in mood to know what it is I am happy to complete my dreams of finishing this endurance.I had enough to know this life ! But he is determined to save me ....
And he does ...

I wake up in a hospital with the scent of fresh blue orchids ..(my favorites ) I look around ..when a nurse smiles at me "You are fine" ..
Here he left this letter for you ...I open To read
"Life is just a chance to grow a soul."..You had already given up your life ..its part of my life that is lighting the life within you...Think twice before killing me again..
Anxiety stricken I look at the nurse ..where is he ?...He passed away an hour ago ..He dreamt to see you wake up with fresh orchids which he said were his favourites ..and this note !

Baffled I look at the note ..The Nurse tries to passsify my thoughts " I am sorry he must have loved you dearly to give up his life for you !!..."
Strange are the ways of life I didnt even know who he was...but I had his soul germinating within me ...I close my eyes to give a name to this relationship ....finding none ..I mourn his death ...



I wake up to hustle of my son in the dining . I had been late today ,this continuous sleepless nights were taking their toll on me.I rush throwing the sheets on the floor,I desperately  needed to see my child before he leaves for his classes.

But, as a strike of lightning I retreat back,Its always this feeling of ambiguities ruling my cognizance these days that I fail to decipher the eminence of my presence in my loved ones life .
I wringer myself , will my death make any difference to my son ? The answer was quick and sanguine.

"No".... Busy he was in his own world of imaginings , he had a father with intact bank balance and he had nothing to worry about.His days began with posh cars ,sailed smooth with credit cards .
What need did he have with a mother ?
Then I look at bed , sleeping curled up within the sheets is the man I spent twenty-five fruitful years of my life managing his emotions to his clandestine desires.I did every possible thing on my part to be there with him.I re-question myself all over again "Will my absence matter to him ?"
"No"...With his business creeping to frontiers beyond reach , he has too much to take care of , a lonely weeping lady isn't his best business bargain.

I pirouette within my forlorn thoughts.Is this the life that I dreamt about ? Is the life that I want?
 But who really understands all this when this is what I am fated to live.

I weep again in my desolate world,till sunshine from the windows afflicts my thoughts.


Stolen Dream

A stolen heart beat is a moment's Dream !!!

You are my lifes stream ...♥


There was this slight coldness in the breeze ..and I was walking towards melancholy ..when there was an abrupt voice that awakened me from my thoughts ..."You are beautiful"..

I turned around to face that stranger in dim light ..."sorry "

He smiled and replied "You are beautiful.." !...Standing there was a handsome guy barely ...older than me .

Firstly I didnt look anywhere near to being beautiful ....and his words pierced into me..

I shrugged and started moving on...he rushed behind me...anxiety stricken !.

".Well I really mean my words dont you believe me ?"

His persistent manners bugged me ...Can You leave me alone ....!

I had enough people mocking my existence and here even a stranger had the audacity to hurt me again !..

" I really want you in my life ...dont ask me for reasons ...because they shall always remain unexplained ...but I have been watching you since some moments ago ...and your first sight made my heart beats gets faster ...and the only thought I have is to have you in my life !..."

Is it a normal thing ...on your part to talk ...sinisterically or is there something special today ...I am being really honest ...I say !

I had a hard day today ...and I want to be alone ....

His words reverberates ."You are beautiful ...I haven't been able to take my eyes of you since the first glance I had couple of minutes before !"

..From behind my horn-rimmed glasses I look at him in disbelief !...Do you know what you speaking ...Is my glasses or the amputed leg makes you think I am beautiful ....I have never ever felt beautiful on looking at mirror myself !...And you just pop up from nowhere to en listened me as Beautiful !

The next words that he said.... shook my life forever.."The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye ....but found by the heart That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful....That were his words and he made me his forever

Right now sleeping, engulfed in his arms my moist lips kiss his forehead

I...pass my finger through his unkept hair and he smiles back at me with sleep laden eyes ...four years into wedlock ...I understand the true meaning of beauty ...In every man's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of can be marred with ugliness but theres always one heart that finds you beautiful ...Years back ,in adolescence when that car accident crippled me for life ...I always wanted.something good to happen to me.but situations always turned to be the bad witch of my tale! They blemished the instances and darkened my dreams…

. I always wished my life to be a fairy tale and yes …i was in need of that special spark ...I Wanted to get back my life ....But life wasnt easy had tested me ...till that evening when he said those words. It took couple of days till I could trust him ....but the moment I started trusting there was no looking back...

One is never loved because She is beautiful ...She is Beautiful when she is loved !!...

That is the true meaning of beauty....

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