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Life has several connotations and utilities for human beings. When god uncovered such a fragile entity what would have been his reaction? Did his calls of “eureka “, “eureka”, bombard the cosmos? Well God must not have been that modest to neglect the whimsical sense of pride. After all it was an endeavor which was about to change his long list of creative productions.
Life for me encompasses every ambit of my mere existence, and for its sustenance I need to be equipped with adequate resources ;so as to showcase my finest talents which are deeply ingrained within my “self –mask”.
Then how can GOD be that flexible in approach to vest the reigns of my life in another meager human being? My indication in this regard is towards those authoritarian figures that maneuver our life’s during the most critical segment, i.e. "Our Childhood”. What if they commit an error in the execution of such a job? Wont that ruin our lives forever ! When our parents are bestowed with the opportunity to decide on our behalf, shouldn’t they make the maximum exploitation of their resources so as to provide us with the best forum for our enhancement?
they selfish with regard to the career decision that we take? Don’t they even try to regulate and take control of our life?

Our life is important for us – So only we can realize its worth .So why can’t we lead our life on our own terms, deciding upon every aspect of our endurance; So that our life and its every faculty will be ours. We take the responsibilities for our mistakes and delight in our achievements. I know this reflects the perfect reiteration of the individualistic ideology. But that would have been never an issue if every child would have been benefited by the decision taken by his parents and teachers.

So before we take a decision on someone else’s life we should be a bit compassionate to ask for the other person’s views. If parents and their autocratic mannerisms continue. Then we shall be blessed with a generation who have lost the faculty to decide for themselves and are left with a catastrophe.(I wouldn’t dare to call that life!)

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