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"I  brood behind the shut  doors awaiting your arrival.

 Scream, within the walls in sickly sweet sous vide emotions for my survival "

My frozen cries needs a pasage for endurance.
My muffled grief seeks a companion for attendance.

I didnt shut the doors to keep you out,
I didnt shut to keep myself within.

I shut it all tight to see whether you would ever knock on it
                                            Once !

Would you barge inside to melt my tears and make me dance ?
Would you break the door to swallow me within your substance ?

I have been brave enough to stay away from you ,
facing those lone miseries,and sustain.

You might not have have answers to all my troubles;
but your presence can clear all my dark doubles.

Did I just hear that knock on my doors ?
Or is it the wheeze again teasing my wait's score !

I still await your arrival
I still wait ....

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