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Well god just knows it all…He knows people who can understand you …and he always makes it a point to keep them close to you. I didn’t have any brother …and I actually yearned for one …{It was like my kindergarten friends Soma and Asha had brothers…so I needed one too}…Not that I didn’t love having my sister around ..But I just wanted one...So how could God not fulfill my wish …So he gave me a brother .Yes, last year Sujit bhaia became a part of the family … {He is my brother in law}…But you see we never started off on the right note that’s because we both loved one person immensely {That’s my sister} and we succumbed to series of ego clashes.”My sister is mine …and how can someone take her away from me…I actually saw him as a threat “…so both had a cold war for sometime …!.But it was around February this year that we actually spent time as a family …and seriously now when I look up to the days …when I thought he hates me I feel so kiddish!..
He is a gem of a person caring, affectionate, and fun to be around and I seriously know that he loves me lot...There are times I think he is the only person who understands my situation. {Coz he really does}.For me he is just a phone call away “I just need to say that ….I need this ... and within minutes he could get it for me “… It took some time but he is an important link in our family. Well my mama loves him so much …that 24*7 …You see her chanting “sujit chalisa” {As I call it ..}And thanx for the MNG bag bhaia without your aid I could never have got it :P. He is just awesome ….otherwise you...Wouldn’t find so many people loving him …From my brother in law he transcended to be my brother !


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