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Passion for writing

I am slowly enjoying putting my thoughts into words and I have got the perfect platform to do it. People said I talk so much but that is because I have so many things to talk about. I have grown up sharing everything with my mama .So that had actually made it a necessity for me to take out all the pent up feelings within me.
Speech was always my strength I just knew it, I believe I can persuade anyone with my interactive skills. But writing naah never really had the zeal to write even one page {I hated the essay writings as a kid}.I don’t really know when I fell in love with writing. As far as I can remember my Bp( My father) is a writer and Sama (My sister) is a fabulous poet but not me .And I always counted myself as the black sheep of the family . May be it was a sense of jealousy …Hmmm jealousy is not the word but may be a little of sibling rivalry that moved me to write. Because my sister was so good at writing my mama always praised her and that actually created fervor within me to start writing. Though on a serious note I really don’t mind being a second best to my sister …I love much but now when I try to find the source of my passion for writing the only reason I can think about is this…so I started my journey with writing very late at the age of 16. But since then I have tried to better myself …


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