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The cherished possession

Is it something to do with the Arian instinct that he wins all the arguments! Or is it destiny that bestows him with all the good fortune. Well he always sabotages my opinions and finely weaves it into what he thinks is right….He dissect my thoughts...So well that he would know the words before they would be out of my mouth… sometimes I hate that feeling and sometimes love it as well…(*Confused what I actually feel about it )..Arguments with him are like the cross and zero game where I always reach a dead end... But does that trouble me…That I win or not …Highly optimistic as I am. I have always believed that it’s better to loose an argument than loose the relationship altogether…so I just let him be the winner always (** with special effects of my angelic smile).And he enjoys that feeling His creative zest steamed with practicality makes him just awesome …and its his these innate qualities that he makes me fall for him over and over…

I am not a counselor on human relationships nor an intellectual genius but …just a cognizant speaker. Who believes winning is not everything in life …
You might have the whole world on your finger tip but still crave to get the affection of a loved one. Because it’s always the human beings who matter over all the materialistic assets one acquires in life. I know it’s sometimes so hard curtailing the ego but …the bargain shall always yield a profitable margin in a relationship. In a world…where a bruised heart is rampantly found finding that one person who loves you unconditionally makes the difference. So when you find someone that great never lose them over trivial ego gratifications. Love the person who loves you and cherish them forever.


Hotcakes said...

Guys just have these certain ego that even they are wrong, they are right.

you shouldn't let him get used to it.

well in my case I always get a way when winning when I know Im wrong also. lol. Sometimes I just dont want to accept that I'm wrong that I navigate the argument to which its going to be his fault.

anyway.. my boyfriend once said to me that he doesnt want to lose arguments because HE WAS A GUY.

im like.. well... since you've admitted that already, then .. you should know that our arguments will no longer have sense because you will always want to win. lol

anyway. he just said sorry :)

just a reminder, nobody is always right and it's healthy if one also admits his mistakes :)

The Perfect ...One said...

Yes absolutely ryt babe....But seeing your loved one win an awesum feelin in itself aswell !:D

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