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I have this habit of writing about things and people close to my heart! And how could I miss out on such a beautiful facet of my heart. Yes one of the most striking facade of my life is my Sister. All my growing up years I have always wanted to be like her .Because she was just right! For our parents she is the best, for her husband a loving wife and for me my guiding light. She is so good at everything whether dance, creative writing, and paintings to sports she is always at the finest.

On top of that she is practical, realistic and the responsible one. Its just little things about her that made such a huge difference in my life .She has been more of a mother than a sister the sense of possessiveness, the compassionate attitude have always taken me through the tuff times. I look back at the period when I would be feeling “just down in the dumps” and she would just call me out of nowhere to let me know how much she is missing me and how much she loves me. I have never seemed to realize this relationship that we share she would know it even when we wouldn’t talk on a regular basis. How can I be so sanctified to have people who would understand me so well?
But that’s not the end to it we do share a portion of “sibling rivalry” as well … as kids she would always cook me delicious food. Then she would emotionally blackmail me to do her work yaa cleaning her wardrobe and the room....... poor me..! I hardly knew how to cook and would simply fall prey to the bargain of a nice dish over wardrobe cleaning. She was perfect at these blackmails as well; with her angelic smile and raised eyebrows she would end of winning. How I hated it …all my new clothes and accessories she would use them first ...because she still believes that she is the elder one therefore has right over everything first. So I get to wear all my clothes “second handed” as I call them. You can see what I have gone through.... But that has all been transformed to love these days “It’s like only she can fight with me, If any one else does it …, mind it he would be dead”. Dare someone looks at me or touches me she wouldn’t really spare him!
All my growing up years Sama is what I called her… no didi..Or jiji …now when I think……… I revere her as ma mother could I call her anything other than saMa her name had the word Ma in it.

I have always admired her ...for her enthusiasm to make a difference to people ... She is a focused lady who knows what she wants....!..A marvelous person who is loved by all...!!!.
Love you so much saMa !!! Be there for me always!


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