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Girl behind the walls

Life is intricate, when you just have the four walls for your company. You wake up in their midst, you see them last, before your eyes wait for a day to end. You long for the sunshine, the rain, and the aroma of the earth; but the only thing that reverts back is the succulence of the walls.

Can life live in such a state of circumstances? Can life see the light of joy in this situation?
                                                     Can life? Hmm…

So, I have stopped breathing mine and the only leftovers of presence remains in the virtual world, where I’m far away from prejudices,perceptions and the people. But I still yearn for the spark of bliss, the beautiful planet of imaginings, and above all a life that I can call my own again.

 Didn’t they say every gloom transcends into the radiance one day. Didn’t they?
Then where is my life? Where is my happiness? Where is my share of love? I have waited so long for God’s fairness and I am still waiting .

Hope has taken me through the tunnel. But when again, I stare at the distance.

Hope seems to melt...into the walls!



Emily_Johnson said...

I've felt so similarly so many times. For me it is an urge to jump in the car and drive away. far away in a straight line.
I often wonder if I expect too much out of life? Perhaps we have elevated expectations for the way love should feel, the effort that happiness should require, the certainty that our decisions should hold. If so, it's no wonder we're not happy or satisfied. But if not, then what? Are we just the unlucky losers in life?
I've only found a few treatments for this feeling. 1) Going on a long run with a blaring ipod into a new part of town, or 2) driving away from it all in the middle of the night with the radio blasting.

The Perfect ...One said...

How true..." I call this my "running away syndrome"...I have done that when things have been beyond my understanding I just walk out (with the music).I wouldn't call us losers ...or people with out of the world expectations...its so normal to expect good things !"There wouldn't really be one person in this world who would say I am happy with all the bad things in life !"...We expect because we are human. !...


mujhe aapke story ka pehla part bhtttttt hi acha laga and bhttt interesting bhi laga, main aapke next part ke story ka intezzar karunga, ok... jald se jald likhna theek hai....

The Perfect ...One said...


Avi said...

nice one, keep posting, so that when i make my return to your blog, i will see something interesting.


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