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The Chastened Soul

My heart was frozen behind the mattress...The shrieks…the cries, the anguish, and pain was beyond conception. I gaze into the barrenness...The memories of the last night ...have been a nightmare …How happy was I dressed in my bridal wear. The giggles, the gratification in my heart: I was in the arms of my lover forever, And blessed I was …to find such a love! A journey far away from my world …didn’t bother my soul. I had found my love…yes true love! Then the world started shattering when the people in my new world realized I was a not part of their clan...They called me a “non believer ”….Brought up in a egalitarian planet …my conscious had no space for religion! I knew I was a human...and that’s what had moved me though life and that’s how I believed my life to move on!...But not they …they didn’t want my essence to sustain..They didn’t want my dreams to grow!
It was the night of my marriage the contentness of creating a happy cosmos was all I wanted. The bullets’ sound screech through the music! I was numb...Standing before me was a fanatic now I knew the word had spread: they knew I was not their own, he dragged me to the open streets. He wanted to see my flesh bleed; my pleading cries were fell on deaf ears. He kicked me hard, and the pain was unbearable...But he went on kicking me, people around tried their best to drive them away.But the one who tried was fired and sent away. To end their fun...He fired me twice. And he left me lying in a pool of blood .I was loosing myself to lord.When a lady took me in her arms and carried me into the house …I was sinking …I knew it .But she wanted to show me the light .She stabs the knife into my chest to take out the bullets and I pass into a state of unconscious. When again I open my eyes: I see myself behind a pool of mattresses. They had come again to check on my dying body...But not finding me there had provoked their anger immensely .They had raided every house to find me…and the marks of blood on the floor had given the news that I was inside .They shot every person they saw…what was such a fanaticism? Just, to see me dying they killed people whom they called their own. The shrieks subside I know everyone has deceased.They move on to locate me again. It was hours I think when I generate the potency to stand …I knew I had lost everything when a baby’s muffled cry rocks my thoughts I see a movement of life from within the dead. And I manage and take that child in my arms it seems to give me the only ray of desire…!
Limping through the debris I walk to keep my soul alive, now my life had a value… it had the blessings of all the people who had lost theirs to keep me living on. And I had the hope of a child to move ahead.Marred with the pain …I cry out to lord …
If this is our world of today...Then what will our tomorrow be lord?


Hotcakes said...

hey there! busy huh? :)

check out my latest post,tell me if you like.. hihih

The Perfect ...One said...

Yup sure luv ,,,,I did miss reading your posts !

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