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The ten guys and I

Being under the eye of my parents always I had never experienced the truth behind freedom…That was it, London showed me all. This was a life where I decided what to wear…where to go …what to do?.And that was the best aspect of it !

I never had the craving to grab a guy’s attention …because I had enough all my life! Not exactly, freeze your thoughts..I wasn’t the sexy siren at the school or university neither the admired girl with an hourglass figure and captivating ways? But tad ah..I was a tomboy..And that was it…I had guys all around me... [lol]..
I walk into my life in London and what do I see…I have ten guys in my world. [See this thing is not essentially how complicated as it seems because basically I wasn’t seeing ten guys]…but for the fact that my bf was the only person whom I knew before going there all his friends became my world. So coming back I have this ten guys …about whom I was a little skeptical You know, how as girls we have so much stuff running in our grey cells…We analyze …re-analyze and still then we are confused about everything in life !. So I was kinda thinking will they be ok having a girl in their cluster …will they be fine with a lady’s presence! So many questions [typical of a girl...].I assure myself we will all be fine together [I believe…Amen!]
So here I was …Waiting at Heathrow that day probing for that one known face; Among the crowd...I couldn’t find any …Because you see the fact was that my bf had to pick me up and he was so excited about my journey that the ‘fella’Overslept! [Can you believe it?] And here I was desperately trying to find him...All throughout the air travel I had this butterflies in my stomach …because I was meeting him after a complete year to be precise and I was so keyed up …even that eight hour flight hadn’t been able to dampen my spirits! [Love is Love after all]…But what do I see he is not there …Love transcends into anger and I was fuming …that’s it …how could he be so lackadaisical..? I’m not talking to him …I bolster myself a 1000th time and I was serious I wasn’t talking to him….! It was over 45 mins since the flight had landed and I see him …walking down towards me …and the first thing that I see was his smile! And how …All the anger for minutes just melts in seconds..[That’s his charm]…And how I hate that feeling of being flabbergasted in his presence! Now coming back to the guys...[This love thing is actually distracting me…but I have to tell you about this ten guys ].I see another guy with this bf of mine and at first glance he is so sweet says a polite hello introduces himself as Amit [The shy One ],takes my luggage and strolls down the airport !..Here the people who already know me know how chirpy I am …but I was wordless...the people …the place was so new…slowly I realized I was in London away, away and so far away from my country!...Bf’s late arrival had infuriated me so much …the I had elapsed to enjoy my initial enthusiasm of being in London but the view from the tube …had restored everything back!
I reach...Home after hours of travels through undergrounds and the admired red buses..Awl London is so beautiful! But my body was already calling a day! Knock Knock and the door is opened by a very .chubby guy and he introduces himself as adi [The Good One]..I knew him I had chatted with him several times! But to be honest had never expected him to be “Golchu Polchu “[he he sorry adi]. So I walk into my room a small but cozy one and I jump into my bed. And pass into a relaxing sleep. [No I didn’t].Because my bf …wanted me to settle the clothes before I slept …how hilarious …!!!..Was he getting it I had my long long travel from India! And didn’t I need my rest …and think about the reality I was away from my family …I needed some time alone to get over that feeling! [Didn’t I ]…But no …he said …so I had to do it wasn’t I a good girlfriend I Yes I was …of course I am who wouldn’t have complained but did I ?...[That’s his spell I am always so awestruck when he speaks]

[*** This is story has real characters but...Situations are fictious...because I wanted my story to be interesting ...who wouldnt..I would continue writing on this topic ..if I find people interested in what I am writing ! as I always say share some love ...leave a comment and let me know this story has any worth of being told or not ]...


Hotcakes said...

reminds me when I left Manila to go here to the U.S.

FREEEDOM!!!!! lol .... and even though my dad kept calling me on the phone trying to give restrictions, well.. he really couldn't control me anymore.

besides. I am in vacation. so dont be a kill joy papa. lol

even though he had tried to make ways to find me a chaperon, i was able to get away with her!!!lol and he knew that I will be meeting my boyfriend here in the US.

im coming back to SF to see my Boyfriend. I told my dad. he's like "if you want ok" ... im surprised he didn't try to argue with me. lol

hayyy finally my dad is learning to losen up. well its better than risk for me to rebel and NOT comeback to manila AT ALL. lol

one reason he gave me a hard time going to SF before because he feared i might get married there already and never go back in the philippines. lol

The Perfect ...One said...

Ha ha typical parents !...But here I am trying to weave a story taking real characters from my life and placing them in a fictitious circumstances !...Hope people like this story !

Pallav said...

Interesting :)

Waiting for the next part to begin soon;)

The Perfect ...One said...

Awww thanks Pallav ...You really made my day !...Im sure You ll like the follow ons...Its a series on analysis of Guys...Facets of D guy thingy ! ..

Witty Jester said...

Men are from earth and women are from earth :)!!!!!
And i agree about the gals analyzing and reanalyzing stuff while guys are kind of take things at facevalue..I kinda brought out the same diff thru my post "the unspoken dialogue between men and women"....I'll be waiting for the continuation :)

The Perfect ...One said...

Ahaan ...Loved the post @ witty jester !...Though given a chance i believe you guys still need ages to interpret a girl's.mindset..we surely are one of the most complex element in this world !:D

Anonymous said...

I really like your creative hand in writing. It's really vivid and explorative.

The Perfect ...One said...

Thanx dear ........:D

sagar said...

Hey interesting....... looking for the next episode

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