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            " As numbness seeped into Me,
                 I sat scrapping the fossils of our times together."

Ruminating over the bygone memories so enchanting.
Searching for the warmth our bodies which so scintillating.
I swayed above the gravity of time.

To encompass you in me.
Gliding in your love's glee

As I see memories of the first kiss in the downstream.
I wriggled like a puppy in the winter's sunbeam.
Smiling to myself I gleam !

Love is You.
You are my love !


Pranabananda Jena said...

Lovely read.. the emotions flows through the stream of romance..

ambar parashar said...

An enchanting wordings,hope to read more from your pen......

Preeti Prada said...

@ Pranabananda Jena Thanks !

Preeti Prada said...

@ Ambar Parashar Thanks !

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