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Beautiful Malice

He looked into my eyes studded with that corporeal craving…I easily touched him on the chin and revolved around to be engulfed in a mist of love.

We have our moments of togetherness in the moisture laden breeze within the light-house .Years it had been our sojourns away from the stoic world. I had lived lives within these walls. We had our moments of seclusion, outlet for carnal desires, and woven tapestry of future together right here.

His hands touch me on my back, slowly guiding my sensuality to transcend the guards and blend in his aroma, I knew his moves, I knew his desires like always .Bodies tied down by some invisible force he magnetizes my body with his passionate kisses, uninhibited I groove with the flow as if this is the very last time we are making out.

I take him in my arms, kiss him so hard that the twinkle in his eyes say it all..He wanted more of me now, in his lusted form he was mine. Silently his saliva stricken tongue glides through my ears and he whispers the most beautiful words…”luv u my luv” I rotate to the sounds of the sea and push him of the top, silently watching his body fall down…down..Into the sea.

For seconds I feel a bang of pain deep within. Till his conduct walk in to my thoughts….didnt he kill me when he was sleeping with that lowly seductress from his Office. His deed kills me every second of the day I just killed him once in an impetuous act of solace seeking.

This was malice beautifully braided within me …

Closing my thoughts I sashay down the stairs and melt in the shadows of the crowd far away.


vinit pattnaik p30056 said...

good can sense a sordid betrayal experience..

just to introduce myself..I m Vinit..i work with Sutra the link to ur blog from the resume u sent :)

Preeti Prada said...

Thanx Vinit ! :)

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