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Love is in the moments !

He looked at me with tears:’why didn’t you tell me?’

She: Because, I never wanted you to be upset.

He questions. ‘How will I live?’

She: Like always happy, content and with people who love you.

He: What about you?

She:’I will be gone soon’

He:’ I didn’t know this could happen,

She: Neither did I, just have a year now....

He: Please don’t say, this I can give up everything to have you next to me.

She:  You didn’t feel this when you had me, I waited for your love

He: I always loved you,

She: Life is lived in moments; my death makes you realise the dearth of time you have with me.

He: I know there’s so less time

She: I am happy; at least have a year to be with you, it’s better than those years I spent waiting for you to acknowledge my presence and love

He: I didn’t know this would happen

She : Neither did I ...


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