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The morning hues

Destiny has its call they say !
 I smiled in my seclusion,Its not
that I had never been happy,but it was this happiness that was different that I feared losing it.I found a friend! Well then what’s new in that I already had friends the more I thought the more confused I became. To stop my surreal state I started feeding myself with negative thoughts explaining .May be he would be talking to a fresh new chick now! Without even half bothering whether I existed and here I was dancing in the galore that I found a friend!

Lost for the night I didn’t know when sleep seeped in But I woke up with anxiety, to the shouts to my mother leaving for work. I didn’t want to wake up , its this fight with feelings in the morning that you require a little more sleep that takes a toll. But then it was this sudden thought of  Vishal that, I jumped abruptly to search my laptop. It wasn’t any romantic inclination that I felt or anything but just a thought that he was my friend!  There was this strong sense of trust I had developed on him overnight. I repeated again to myself he was MY friend.

Through clouded eyes I frantically searched and looked for offlines and messages .I scrolled down twice and finally found his messages …

U ther dear …
Buzz me wen u cum Online..
Im waiting!

I read …re read the message two three times and fell on the bed with a thud should I or shouldn't I buzz him what would he think about me a" despo"

No I wasn't one I was just a nice girl who cared about him and wanted him as my friend….was there anything wrong in that ?Confused I scrolled down his profile to view what other messages he had if there was some other girl who had sent him any lovey dovey message .I saw couple of " hi " and "hellos" but nothing that could make me doubt him .Hmmm…

Suddenly there was a pop up message saying “So u awake Baby”..I Was taken aback how did Vishal know I was online .Oops these technologies sometimes when you don’t want any one to know , it tells the world that You are there.

Minutes before I was desperately expecting his message On seeing him online I compose my self and reply back “Yeh Im Online "why is that a problem? "I didn’t want to give him any hint of that fact that the first time I talked and I fell for his appealing ways .We talk and talk its about 11 in the morning now again I gave in to his amicable ways four complete hours and we had been talking non stop OMG I had a college to attend

I rush off explaining would get back later ! He asks for my number and I log out scared , would it be just exchanging number.

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