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Muted Soul

                                   I peeped into my agony and decided I await for the time 

The only sound that gave me company was the breathing of my soul, in the far end I heard a distant thunder. Tear drops rolling down..Monsoon was always my favorite time ,today I loved it more the pattering of the rain drops subsided the noise of my crying and confined it to the room. I didnt want my pain to wander around,when you are in a family you have to think more than just yourself.

How could I not cry for others it was just a break-up while for me it was a relationship to which I gave my 7 years.I had cultivated every moment to make it memorable !

They said why didn't I smile ?
 They said I had to move on ?
 They said I had to be me !
 But they weren't the ones who lost him the way I did.

Then how could they say everything will be back to normal.
How can everything will be normal and be back ? How can it be ? Drapped in those breath taking shots of agony I was lost ..Simply lost ..
The tears turned my constant ally and I learnt to be numb. And mourn the death of this relationship.

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