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Unwrapping Me

Like a Phoenix ; I pirouette through my ashes ,to witness the new strokes of destiny on me.
Like the silent river I pass unnoticed within the bare reach of the trees.

Like the twilight I shine in the distant crease.
Like a thought I fill colors in your world of miseries.
Like dew I melt in sunlight’s seize.

 I yearn for silence to configure the real me.
Coz I am as ill tempered as the German bee.
I am not your lies’ vendee.
And I need noise to sublime the anguished freeze

I am vast as the seven seas.
Atypical as the ‘no name keys’.
I am the fresh breeze,
I am the reprise.
I am the mountain wheeze,
As fickle as the cloud’s sneeze.

Call me what you like …
I don’t exist just to your appease
Call me what you feel
I shall always conceal
And be genteel.
My manners being puerile
I act on my ego ideal!



Saru Singhal said...

Beautiful, lovely title and the line, I am as vast as seven seas is so profound.

The Perfect ...One said...


KP said...

Hey its fresh and some lines were very strong.. loved it.. nice thought..

The Perfect ...One said...

Thanx KP

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