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A heart never really heals...

The rain pattered down the empty house. I looked around for the warmth of that tight hug. But the solitude reverted back to my sensation. I stood in that emptiness thinking …Is it possible to get a different heart because mine can't afford to get broken anymore...? Can I trust someone the way I trusted him …Can I love someone as much as I love him! He can sit there and try to forget me that am fine it won’t bother me one bit but one thing he needs to realize that the memories shall always remain..And .these memories have been my constant allies for last three years now!

We met as strangers …on the first day of college. Though we never expressed but the sparks had flown when our eyes met the first time .And the follow on days after that we couldn’t face each other because we both knew what was budding in our hearts. Then one thing led to another and the unspoken exchange of the eyes got replaced by that late night conversations…From college...Friends..To love the passage was a remarkable one.

I still remember the day he asked “could I be his forever? And I Had nodded to reaffirm the love! I was living a life of fantasy till that one last fight took it all! After a complete journey of togetherness he ripped my heart into two! He told his family wouldn’t approve of our unification…And he will not go against his family. But what fired up, my anguished heart was that he never conveyed to his kin that I existed in some corner of this entirerity .He just kept reverberating his family wouldn’t commend! I just asked for one attempt at making this relationship a lasting one..He declined .and his nonchalance wounded my essence forever!

The memoirs of our last fight still disturbs my reality…I wish to rewind my life back ….I wish so that I can put everything right but I just know its too late for that! So I exist in this world like that tiny droplet of water on a petal lost and forgotten.

And you know what …A heart never heals certainly a broken heart never heals!!!


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